Writing Credits: WELCOME TO TOURETTAVILLE (Very Special Arts Playwright Discovery Award -Kennedy Center);  RAPUNZARELLA WHITE (Woodlawn Theatre/San Antonio and Bergen County Players); TRUE COLORS OF WEEDLE (Midtown Children's Musical Theater Fest); THE HOTEL BELLECLAIRE (13th Street Rep); SWAK! (Midtown Children's Musical Theater Fest).

Upcoming: STUPID WIG; BOLLYWOOD AND VINE w/ Edward Jordon; TRIXIE SHMOOP w/ Tory Dube; BULLY ON YOU w/Stephen McCall);

Song Credits: "One of a Kind You" (Dr. John); "Ship of Dreams" (Shannon McNally);  "All Washed Up (They Say)" (Dr. John); UP AGAINST THE WALL (vocals Peppy Castro); THE ACCIDENTAL PERVERT Theme Song;

Producers:  OH RATS! (Doug Katsaros, San Antonio, Oregon); GUARDIAN ANGEL (Bramble/Katsaros/La Mama), ADDING MACHINE (Fran Handman); MEESTER AMERIKA (St Luke's Theater);  NO MORE WAITING (Duplex);

June/lyrics: GONE TO TEXAS (Globe Winner/San Antonio); STELLALUNA (Scholastic Ent./MGM); TRIANGLE (June/Mark Barkan): SWAMP STOMPIN'(June/Jay Griggs)

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